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Our professionals have vast experience, for over 17 years, in practice and legal support business projects of large and small Russian and international companies
Разнообразный и богатый опыт
About us
Law office EASTLEAD LEGAL provides legal assistance to corporate and private clients Russian and foreign jurisdictions. We work with business as well as with private clients. In focus work with corporate business projects, investments and construction in region, StartUp of business, legal risks management, open companies and full legal support of business in Russia. The best practice: Investment projects, construction, corporate procedures, telecommunication and information technology, Due Diligence, support of negotiations in business of the Asia-Pacific Region (Korea, China, Japan), commercial litigation​​civil fraud and etc.
Block of legal service for Private clients: Family law, civil law, Bankruptcy process, litigation&mediation.
Our specialists well know specific features of market and business in FarEast region.
The Head of the Office began work in a corporate sector in Moscow, accompanied commercial transactions all over the Russian Federation, professional experience is above 17 years. He was a Legal Adviser to the President of Hotel Hyundai Company (Hyundai Heavy Industries Cor. in Russia Far East.) Headed legal support for the investment project of the telecommunication company JSC "Vimpel-Communications" Far East (3G, 4G new technologies): accompanied the development of retail chain stores and a communications network. Total sum of project was about 2 billion rubles. Provided development of construction holding in Far East total sum of project is about 1,5 bill. rubles. Supported transactions M&A, including buy and sail of the South Korean company JSC "New Telefon Company".
We participated in the development of construction holdings in order to ensure the construction of new residential districts of the city of Vladivostok (construction of 25 floors of the building), as well as manufacturing enterprises providing construction.
We also support the legal development of civil society: publish-free analytical articles in mass media, participate in studying projects as legal expert.
Successfully represent the interests of clients in state bodies and courts (all levels).
Our priorities

Highly professional solution of key business issues and your personal goals, in order to save your finances, as well as business development on the market. A professional approach with the ability to stand in the place of the client in a specific situation, will help you to make an effective business decision.

The main advantage of our Law Office is a high customer focus. The important direction of our activity legal risks management in business. Highly competent and experienced business lawyer thinks not only together with the client, he thinks for the client, thinks of problems can arise at the client's business long before their emergencie, warns about it and offers ways of decision. Thereby financial risks are minimized.

We also pay special attention to the procedure for the peaceful settlement of disputes. An effective way to resolve the dispute is negotiations. It saves your time and money.

At the same time, we have a successful experience in representing interests of clients in the Court.

The high standard of quality of the legal services, the observance of ethical principles of profession and confidential are the guarantee of high results.

   We save your financial stability and reputation!

Really grate historical moment! Development of business relationship between two countries in progress.

Our partners are Professional valuation of real estate. Writing on email info@eastlaw.ru Our partners



You can download MEMO Free "How to write suit" according Code of Civil Procedure of Russian Federation.


Subsidiary liability is the responsibility of the director and founders to creditors and the state for the debts of the firm. If a legal entity cannot settle its obligations on its own, the debt falls fully financially on the shoulders of persons became subject to subsidiary liability. It can be assigned to the director, founder, chief engineer or chief engineer, to the person who made the decision and was responsible for the debtor 's activities.
The obligatory pre-judicial order of contest of cadastral cost by the legal entity is cancelled. Now the organization can appeal to court about contest of cadastral cost at once. 
Change the Child's name is regulated by the Family Code and Federal Law of civil acts.
Ministry of Economic Development  has published the text of draft law of possibility of the Moratorium by the Government of the Russian Federation on the initiation of bankruptcy proceeding in case of natural and man-made emergencies (epidemics, changes in the exchange rate of the ruble)

Website of the Ministry of justice of China in English

On January 18, 2019 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and continental China signed the arrangement on mutual recognition and carrying out of judgments on civil and commercial cases. The status of Hong Kong as center for consideration of the international commercial disputes will increase

On January 9, 2019 in China the first Certificate of registration of SP which was registered by own domain on the Internet, without legal address was granted
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