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Commercial trading activity involves bringing information to a wide range of people. Advertising, marketing campaigns, lotteries are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current law "On Advertising. If necessary, installation and placement of stand-alone advertising panel installations also require coordination with government agencies. We are ready to advise you in detail on the specified area of ​​activity, to provide legal assistance represent your interests in government bodies, including:

  • Analysis of advertising projects concerning the requirements of the Advertising Law
  • Analysis of marketing actions pre-planned and current: lottery, press release- video – audio, hand bills, banners, etc. regarding of their compliance with retail trade, antimonopoly and advertising law.
  • Drufting advertising contract documents
  • Obtaining permission to install advertisingboard structure, coordination of the location of advertising panel board. Representation in Government Agencies.
  • Consulting on cooperation with antimonopoly agencies
  • Consultations on Antimonopoly Law
  • Analysis legal risks of the progects relating to antimonopoly law violations
  • Representation at the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS) on stage of document request and antimonopoly law complience investigation
  • Representation at FAS on stage of administration, antimonopoly law violation case
  • Representation during litigation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service in cases of antimonopoly law violation, in cases of administrative law violation


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