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Family law

Family disputes happen often, it concerns such questions: a divorce with whom after the divorce there will be a child, division of property, collecting alimony, etc.

The timely request for professional legal aid will help you to resolve yours issues competently, will also help to settle a situation.

We will help you with such affairs:

– cancellation (divorce) of marriage in court;
– marriage recognition by invalid;
– section of property of spouses;
conclusion of the marriage contract and change of the marriage contract;
– cancellation of the marriage contract;
– recognition invalid marriage contract;
– paternity proof;
– contest of paternity (motherhood);
– the disputes connected with education of the child including:
– disputes on the residence of the child at separate accommodation of parents;
– about implementation of the parental rights by the parent living separately from the child;
– about removal of obstacles to communication with the child of his close relatives;
– about deprivation of the parental rights;
– about restoration in the parental rights;
– about restriction of the parental rights;
– about cancellation of restriction of the parental rights;
– collecting alimony;
– collecting alimony for keeping of minor children percentage of all types of income (including from the dividends received by it);
– collecting alimony for keeping of children in a firm sum of money;
– collecting alimony for keeping of disabled family members, parents, spouse;
– reduction of the size and remission of the collected alimony;
– cases of adoption (adoption) of children;
– about recognition of the citizen it is unknown absent or about the announcement of the citizen the dead;

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