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Intellectual property

  • Advice on the legislation in the sphere of protection of the intellectual rights, the trademark, and copyright
  • Drafting agreement on transfer of trademarks rights. Entering of trademarks in to the intellectual property customs registry
  • Analysis of contracts regarding minimization risks of violation of the exclusive rights of the third parties
  • Drafting the license agreements
  • Registration of intellectual property rights in Russia and abroad
  • Representation of interests in the Patents Disputes Chambers
  • Protection against unfair competition with use of intellectual property in antimonopoly authorities; conducting lawsuits; claims activities (pre-judicial work)
  • Work with the Russian Author's Society RAS on use of audio and video of materials, use music at restaurant, cafe and halls of the general access. Reduction of payments of the company when using of music and video
  • Advice on transaction with Art objects: exhibition, sail, agent services and etc.


For the benefit of the large foreign company negotiating on behalf of the guide with RAS (Russian Author's Society) to the contract on use of the rights for intellectual property items during business of the company.

The conclusion on behalf of the large foreign company of the contract with the company owner of the rights for intellectual property items for cut in expenditure of the company

Signing of the contract on the trademark for the benefit of the large Korean company.

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