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Business finally got 36 model statutes

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Russian Business finally got 36 model statutes 29.09.2018 09:45

   Business finally got 36 model statutes. The Russian Economic Ministry issued an order from 01.08.2018 N 411, which immediately approved 36 models of options: they can be used again and registered limited liability company (LLC) with June 24, 2019 year when the order enters into force.

It contains 36 variants of standard charters, which differ in such parameters as the possibility of a member’s withdrawal from the company; the presence (absence) of the members of the LLC pre-emptive right to purchase the share alienated by the member of the company to third parties; the need to obtain the consent of participants in the company for the alienation of a share to third parties or other participants of an LLC and a number of other characteristics.

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