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Real estate. Rent relations

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Our lawyers are qualified experts in the field of legal support of real estate transactions, in particular, in the field of legal support of commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions, as well as drawing up and structuring lease agreements for commercial offices and premises that are of particular importance for long-term business projects. When structuring a transaction, we also consider all possible situations for the development of your business.

        Support of transactions with the real estate:

  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of the property (Due Diligence)-Check of powers of the owner of real estate
  • Authorization of the owner of real estate
  • Construction of the transaction
  • Preparation of documents for the purchase of a real estate object
  • Preparation of a real estate lease agreement short-term / long-term of various categories. Offices for rent. Registration of sublease contracts. Re-leasing contract (replacement of the Tenant’s side under the lease agreement of the land plot)
  • Work with counterparties in case of consequences of non-performance of a lease agreement, negotiations with a counterparty, development of a concept for returning unpaid amounts of rent payments, concluding an agreement on repayment of unpaid amounts, drawing up a pre-trial claim in accordance with the requirements of the law as an obligatory condition for going to court
  • Contracts for the repair and construction of facilities / terminals and TP
  • Representation of interests in public authorities.


Purchase of a complex of the commercial real estate (a part the building/earth in a share) for large a telecom of the company for the purpose of placement of the adjusting technical equipment.

Maintenance of opening of flagman (main) office of retail network on the basis of long-term rent in the Class A business complex.

Sale of a complex of the real estate belonging to the Moscow company.

Support of the conclusion by the large foreign company of contracts for rent of the land plots in the downtown with the business purpose.

Registration of sublease according to lease agreements of the land plot

Consultation of the large Far East company on drawing up and signing of the contract on implementation of contract works on construction of docks in a port zone and temporary storage warehouses.




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