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  • Corporate and commercial 
  • Legal Risk Management 
  • Construction/Investment 
  • Telecom
  • Start Up and open companies
  • Legal (pre-sale audit)
  • M&A deals
  • Due diligence/Complience
  • Litigation /Arbitration/Mediation 
  • Retail/Real estate

 Managing Partner 

 Larisa Romanchuk   Vladivostok@eastlaw.ru 

Larisa graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University in 2003, Vladivostok Faculty of International Law. Specialization in International private law, International Commercial Arbitration.

Professional skills

In the period from 2000 to the present time she worked for the largest Russian and international corporations, in managerial positions, successfully representing their interests on the territory of Russia. She conducted business development projects with participation of large Russian and foreign companies, rule the compliance process in companies. Practical activities began as an assistant to a federal judge.

Larisa is a highly qualified legal expert in the field of Startup, Legal Risk Management, opening of representative business-offices in Russia, is also an expert in the analysis and legal audit of business. Larisa highly qualified in telecommunication and digital law. Provides legal advice on the development and consolidation of business, transaction M&A, advises on corporate and commercial law, provides advice to top management of corporations.

Larisa successfully conducts the procedure for the peaceful settlement of the dispute between contractors, has experience in settling disputes between representatives of Russian business and foreign business. Has experience in dealing with Korean and Chinese partners, represented the interests of Foreign Business in government authorities of the Russian Federation.

The corporations, whose interests were represented by Larisa: Vladivostok Business Center Ltd. Hotel Hyundai 100% stock Hyundai Heavy Industries, OJSC Vimpel Communications (VimpelCom), OJSC Mobile Telesystems (MTC), LJSC Commercial Bank KEDR, "First Forwarding Company. Moscow" and others.

Larisa Eduardovna began work in the corporate sector in the city of Moscow, in one of the largest forwarding companies where successfully accompanied the transactions on all Russian Federation.

Larisa Eduardovna as a member of special work group started of telecom business by the new tecnology 3/4 G in Primorsky region and Magadansky region by VimpelCom Corporation. Since 2008-2014 Larisa work as Senior Lawyer Management Department of OJSC Vimpel Communications in Primorsky region. Larisa personally supported Startup project, construction of telecommunication system Beeline, expansion of retail chain stores across all territory of the Primorsky Region conducted by VimpelCom with Euroset Ltd. Developed Legal Direction of a Primorsky Region Branch. Total sum of business project was about 2 billion rubles. She has been noted by the Vimpel Com Corporation" for a special contribution to the development of the business and company".

Been Legal Consulter of the President of Hyundai Hotel Hyundai Heavy Industries. Prepared full legal audit report for CEO of Hyundai Hotel Corbefore M&A transaction Hyundai Hotel in Russia to Lotte Cor. Participated in preparing Annual General report of the company. Larisa modernized the system of contracts of the company, consulted the Head in complex strategic transactions with the real estate. Successfully represented interests of company in state bodies for preparing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum and another. Оn behalf of the company Larisa carried out interaction with Roskongress Fund, had resolved the contentious issues with the Russian state bodies and companies. Provided development of construction holding in Far East, total sum of project about 1,5 bill. rubles. 

Larisa speaks Russian



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